Introducing the M5 Series
ERCES BDA / Signal Booster

RSI M5 Series - The Universal BDA Platform

The M5 Series BDA is a revolutionary new product designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and performance for Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems. This cutting-edge product can be configured to operate on any public safety frequency band, in either the FCC Class A or Class B, with medium or high power options. Additionally, it's compatible with both passive DAS and fiber DAS systems, providing limitless coverage capacity suitable for a building of any size and for any multi-building campus application. The entire BDA, including its power supply and battery backup, is conveniently housed within a single, waterproof NEMA-4 enclosure. Engineered to deliver optimal RF performance, the M5 Series BDA is also designed for full compliance with NFPA, IFC, and UL2524 codes and standards. Despite its advanced capabilities, the M5 remains the most cost-effective, easy-to-install, and low-maintenance solution available on the market today.


Product Features

                  Supports All Frequency Bands

                  The M5 can support any public safety Land Mobile Radio (LMR) frequency band within the same product platform. The standard DSP channelized models can be programmed for up to 32 Channels and can be configured with up to 64 channels if needed. The Dual band DSP versions come with 64 Channel capacity as standard. Class B-ANA models are band selective and can be factory tuned for a specific frequency band. Frequency bands can easily be changed on all models with a simple panel swap. Duplexers are built-in on the BDA panel and no external filters are required for standard operation.

                  Uplink Downlink
                  VHF 150MHz - 170MHz 150MHz - 170MHz
                  UHF 406.2MHz-512MHz 406.2MHz - 512MHz
                  700MHZ 799MHz - 805MHz 769MHz - 775MHz
                  800MHz 806MHz - 824MHz 851MHz - 869MHz
                  700/800MHz Dual Band  799MHz - 805MHz
                  806MHz - 824MHz
                  769MHz - 775MHz
                  851MHz - 869MHz

                  Multiple Power and Gain Options

                  The M5 RF amplifiers are capable of up to 92dB of gain. Gain is easily adjustable in the field either through the LCD control panel or with a configuration software app, and can be reduced by as much as 40dB if needed while still maintaining the optimal noise figure. The RF Amplifier output power rating is the highest allowable by the FCC rules: 5W (37dBm) per band for high power models and 2.5W (34dBm) on the medium power models. The power  limiter can easily be adjusted in the field to reduce the RF power output by as much as 25dB (down to 12dBm power).  The power rating is the same on both the uplink and downlink. The standard Duplexer insertion loss is from 1.9dB - 3.5dB.

                  System Gain Rating Power  Amp. Rating
                  VHF 80 - 90 dB 35dBm (3.2W)
                  UHF 80 - 90 dB 37dBm (5W)
                  700MHZ 92 dB 37dBm (5W)
                  800MHz 92 dB 37dBm (5W)
                  700/800MHz Dual Band  92 dB 37dBm (5W)

                  Noise Suppression, Low Noise

                  Noise suppression squelch (SQL) includes two options: The standard DSP Channelized (“per channel”) noise squelch, as well as our proprietary FASTSQL noise squelch, first introduced on our M2 series in 2017, which is designed for fast response time to ensure compatibility with P25 Phase 2 and other radio systems that require fast attack times. The noise suppression feature provides the "no-noise" operation by placing the amplifier in standby mode while it is not being used. Combined with our industry-leading noise figure, which can be as low as 2dB, ensures that the M5 does not interfere with public safety radio systems. 

                  Oscillation Suppression

                  The patent-pending, intelligent Oscillation Suppression function prevents harmful oscillations that may interfere with public safety radio communications systems. This feature is software-configurable and operates in three stages: 1: Detection, 2: Confirmation, and 3: Suppression. This ensures that the BDA accurately detects any oscillations and reduces the gain to stop the oscillations so that it can still provide the maximum allowable gain for first responder communications in the event of an emergency.

                  Reliable RF Performance

                  The M5 was designed for reliable operation in the most challenging RF environments by providing a strong rejection of interference and out-of-band signals coming from FirstNet, Cellular, and commercial LMR networks, without a need for any external filters. Out-of-band signals that are as strong as -5dBm will not have any negative impact on the amplifier gain or available power within the desired frequency band. In-band signals as strong as -15dBm will still result in FCC-compliant amplifier operation without excessive noise or intermodulation byproducts. The triple, fast ALC/AGC reliably limits the peak power output regardless of the type of modulation being used.  

                  DSP Features

                  The M5-DSP BDA panels incorporate a state-of-the-art DSP Channelizer module which provides up to 64 programmable channel filters with various bandwidths and delay options to accommodate both class A and class B operations. The available Channel Bandwidths are: 12.5KHz, 25KHz, 150KHz, 250KHz, 500KHz with delay options of 14usec, 20usec and 48usec. It also provides per-channel AGC, per-channel power limiter, and per-channel gain adjustment. The BDA is compatible with all types of modulation, including P25 phase 1, P25 phase 2, Analog FM, etc. 

                  DSP Class A and B Options

                  The M5-DSP BDA panels incorporate a state-of-the-art DSP Channelizer module which provides up to 64 programmable channel filters with various bandwidths and delay options to accommodate both Class A and Class B operations. The available channel bandwidths are 12.5kHz, 25kHz, 150kHz, 250kHz, and 500kHz, with delay options of 14µsec, 20µsec, and 48µsec. It also provides a choice of per-channel or per-band AGC, per-channel power limiter, and per-channel gain adjustment. The BDA is compatible with all types of modulation, including P25 Phase 1, P25 Phase 2, Analog FM, and others.

                  Class B Band-Selective Options

                  M5-ANA models incorporate analog filters, such as high-selectivity resonant cavity bandpass duplexers and SAW filters. These filters provide reliable, low-noise performance, eliminating the need for Digital Signal Processing in applications that do not require channelized filters. For VHF and UHF applications, we can provide factory-tuned pass bands from 150kHz up to the width of the entire sub-band. On 700 and 800MHZ, by default, M5-ANA BDAs encompass the entire public safety band (up to 861MHz), and can be further extended to also include the commercial LMR band that extends to 869MHz.

                  Supervision and Monitoring

                  The M5 includes supervision and monitoring compliant with the requirements of NFPA1225, 1221, 72, IFC, and UL2524. Fire Alarm Monitoring Modules connect directly to the provided normally open relay output “dry contacts” with built-in EOL resistors: AC Power, BDA Trouble, Charger Trouble, Battery Low, Antenna Trouble, System Component Trouble, Oscillation Detected, and a programmable Auxiliary port that can be programmed for different functions, including the enclosure door / tamper alarm. The Standby switch terminal is available in case the AHJ requires BDAs to remain in standby mode and to be activated only when needed. When in STBY mode, the BDA is still fully supervised and batteries are still being charged. Also, important to mention is that In addition to supervising the Donor Antenna, M5 can supervise the DAS Riser.

                  Dedicated Annunciator Panel

                  The M5 series offers two Dedicated Annunciator Panel options: the Standard Version and the Enhanced Version. Both versions are code-compliant and fully supervised. They are very simple to install on a standard two-gang / four-gang electrical box and connect to the BDA with a standard four-wire twisted pair fire alarm cable. No external power supply, no configuration, or programming is required - just connect the four wires. The Enhanced Version adds an audible alert and a "lamp test" function which is required in some jurisdictions.


                  The Single-Enclosure Solution

                  The M5 series is the first and only fully-featured ERCES BDA to incorporate battery backup in addition to the BDA, Monitoring, Power Supply, and Charger in a single NEMA-4 Enclosure. M5 includes everything that is needed for a clean and simple installation in the field: The NEMA-4 Enclosure, BDA and PSCU Panels, Batteries, Donor and DAS Jumpers, LiquidTight Fittings, and even the battery wiring assembly. No external accessories or add-ons are needed. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete the assembly of M5 in the field!


                  New Industry Term: The BDA Panel

                  The innovative approach to the design of the M5 Series BDA has resulted in a fully modular product comprising of just 4 components: The BDA Panel, the PMSCU Panel, the Batteries, and the Enclosure Assembly. The entire BDA, including the duplexers, is incorporated onto a single panel that mounts inside the enclosure with just 6 screws and a single wire jumper. BDA panels are interchangeable, simple plug-and-play, which makes the upgrades, frequency band changes, and service very easy.

                  The PSCU Panel

                  The Power Supply and Control Unit (PSCU) is an all-in-one component that includes everything else that is necessary to complete the all-inclusive ERCES BDA. It features an AC power supply, an intelligent battery charger, a control panel with an LCD and LED, USB/Ethernet, and supervisory connections. The PSCU is a universal model that works with all BDA panel variants, and it is very easy to set up - there's no need for configuration or programming, as it is "plug-n-play". You only need to connect the AC power cord, a single wire jumper to the BDA panel, and the battery connector.

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