Radio Solutions Inc. offers turn-key Emergency Responder Communications BDA systems solutions. All of our ERCES and BDA systems are designed and built in Norwell, Massachusetts, and offer reliable performance in even the most challenging applications.

Available for Purchase Nationwide

RSI turn-key systems and services are available nationwide through our network of RSI-certified distributors and Engineered Systems Integrators (ESI).

If you are looking for an estimate, survey, buy-quote proposal, or simply looking for more information about ERCES products and services please contact us using the form below. A local RSI distributor or an RSI team member will respond promptly.

In addition to our nationwide network of distributors, RSI-direct is also available to our local customers in MA, NH, and RI.

Estimates, Surveys, Purchase Inquires

Quality Assurance

Our products and services are exclusively available and supported through our network of Engineered System Integrators (ESI) and distributors. No matter where you are located you can be assured that there is an RSI-certified local distributor to support you.

All RSI branded systems are designed by RSI's own engineering team and installed and serviced by RSI-certified technicians. High quality, US-built, and UL Listed products provide assurance of consistent quality for our customers